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Discovering Lagos 7 Must-Visit Places for an Unforgettable Experience

Author:  Umar Bubak

1. National Museum Lagos

Explore Nigeria's rich history and cultural heritage at the National Museum Lagos. This iconic institution houses a remarkable collection of artifacts, artworks, and exhibits, providing a deep insight into the country's diverse traditions and customs.

2. Lekki Arts and Crafts Market

Immerse yourself in Lagos' thriving arts scene at the Lekki Arts and Crafts Market. Here, local artisans showcase their talents, offering a wide array of handcrafted goods, traditional artworks, and souvenirs that reflect Nigeria's artistic prowess.

3. Epe Fish Market

Experience the vibrant flavors of Lagos at the Epe Fish Market, a bustling seafood haven where you can savor fresh catches and traditional delicacies. Indulge in local favorites like grilled fish and seafood dishes, a testament to Lagos' culinary richness.

4. Elegushi Beach

Escape the city's hustle and bustle at Elegushi Beach, a serene oasis along the Atlantic coastline. Relax on the sandy shores, enjoy water sports, or witness breathtaking sunsets painting the horizon.

5. Freedom Park

Delve into history at Freedom Park, a significant site that once served as a colonial-era prison. Transformed into a cultural center, it hosts events, exhibitions, and live performances, offering a glimpse into Nigeria's past and its journey toward freedom.

6. Lekki Conservation Centre

Discover the natural beauty of Lagos at the Lekki Conservation Centre. This vast nature reserve is home to diverse wildlife, lush greenery, and a thrilling canopy walkway, providing a serene escape and stunning views of the city.

7. Lagos Island and Victoria Island

Experience the pulsating nightlife and entertainment scene at Lagos Island and Victoria Island. From trendy bars and live music venues to vibrant clubs, these districts offer a lively atmosphere where you can soak in the city's energy after dark.

Planning Your Lagos Adventure

When planning your Lagos itinerary, consider the best times to visit these attractions, local customs, and recommended accommodations. UpFlights provides a convenient platform to explore flight options, compare deals, and embark on your Lagos exploration.


Lagos is a city teeming with cultural richness, breathtaking landscapes, and vibrant entertainment, offering an immersive experience for travelers. These seven places encapsulate the essence of Lagos, promising an enriching and memorable journey.

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Umar Bubak

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