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Quick Facts about Kenya airways

Find info about flight duration, flight prices and popular routes

Efficient Routes

Kenya Airways' quickest route covers the distance from Nairobi (NBO) to Mombasa (MBA) in just 1 hour, ensuring a swift domestic connection between these vibrant Kenyan cities.

Popular Flight Path

The Nairobi (NBO) to Dar es Salaam (DAR) route remains a favorite among Kenya Airways passengers, offering seamless travel between these East African destinations.

Budget-Friendly Travel

Experience affordability with Kenya Airways offering a wallet-friendly flight from Nairobi (NBO) to Kisumu (KIS), starting at £35, providing an economical option for your journey.

Extended Travel Experience

For an extended journey, Kenya Airways' longest flight route spans 2 hours and 30 minutes from Nairobi (NBO) to Johannesburg (JNB), showcasing diverse African landscapes.

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